Around 20-40% of All Men Suffer From Early Ejaculation at One Time or Another
Within Weeks Hundreads of Men Have Learned to Stop Early Ejaculation
14% of Relationships Break Down Due to Regular Early Ejaculation Problems

Increasing Your Muscle Endurance

How to beat premature ejaculation

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Depending on how long you have been looking for a solution you may have come across many books on premature ejaculation. Unfortunately they tend to make light of the situation rather than address it fully so lets get down to business. There is only one thing you need to do to first to make a defining step that will end your endless search for knowledge. You need to find out if your problem is: biological, physical or mental, if you have a problem that is biological then you will need biological treatments (this is extremely rare), however, if you verge on the mental or physical then you can feel relief that your issues are easy to fix (but not quick ones).

If your issue is mental you will tend to have such thoughts or prematurely ejaculate in the below situations:

    Your partner starts to get physically intimate and you get over excited

    You try delaying orgasm but instead you finish quicker

    You are searching for an actual cure for premature ejaculation (there is no insta-fix)

    You can masturbate for a much longer period then you can handle sex

    You feel anxious about sex/intimacy

    And finally you may over think sexual interactions

These are not the be all and end all but it does help a high percentage of people figure out what is causing them to pre ejaculate.

In terms of physical it is a lot more difficult to figure out and probably the easiest way is to look down the above list and if nothing fits then its physical. This means you need to work on your muscle mainly but you will need to also work on a few mental barriers to stop the great feelings you get during sex from over coming you as well.

    If you are purely mental then do see this section first: Create Mental Barriers

    If you are physical you should see this section first: Increase Muscle Endurance

    If you think your biological try mental then physical and visit your general practitioner.

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