The Ejaculation Trainer is basically an in depth (almost over the top) look into solving premature ejaculation. There are 2 core ways in which it does this for you, the mental and the physical. The mental section is an exhausting piece on how to do a mental workout of sorts that will allow you to use will power to stop yourself from ejaculating and to carry on much longer (in the long term you can gain total control). The second core area relates to working the muscles around the penis which will not only give you better orgasms but also give you more endurance and can also increase your girth in the process. Together with the instructions people with premature ejaculation have gone from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in 5-7 days and in 6-8 weeks people just like you learnt to last over 30 minutes.

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Since I know other sites are trying to review this e-book without reading it here is proof I have actually got it, read it and honestly reviewed it from personal experience:

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From an actual readers view I would have to say that the ebook is welcoming and easy to read, however, I prefer to print of my ebooks since as a man in his thirties holding a book just makes it sink it better and is much more portable as I walk around then trying to move my desktop PC.

Every section is organised well and works the way I like, in two separate ways, you can read the book front to back or you can jump the book and use it to reference. The reason this is so useful is that once you have read the book a few times and carried out the exercises you can still skip around to refresh your memory without being lost in a battle of find the key sentence.

But to be honest the 24/7 emailing was what helped me the most, I found a lot of the pressure I felt was greatly relieved when I decided I had a problem and got to talk about where and how I might have had this problem develop and how to overcome it through a series of emails. The staff (you get assigned to a personal trainer, mine was Mike Wayner ) and by using his suggestions/opinions plus self motivation is what got me so far ahead.

Click here for the full details of what the ejaculation trainer offers

As a participant in Matt’s instructions and actually doing them I will say now that it does seem a bit strange to be having sex and analysing the steps that lead to the rather short lived session. However, after a few times (I am married and my wife was very supportive) I figured it out and was able to increase my time to a good solid 30 minutes after just 3 weeks and my wife is a lot happier even though she told me that its “nothing to worry about” and she loves me for who I am. To beat all other things by having longer sex and getting my partner to climax before I do ‘we’ have also managed to get pregnant! (if your partner climaxes before you do it raises chances of conception).

Matt Wurzke changed my life with this book and I had gotten the technique down in only 5 weeks in order to last a good hour (you can get to the point of total control) and that’s why after reading his book I made this site (with the gentle yet forceful push of my wife). But of course you wont believe what I say or probably the testimonials on the site so here is the best way to describe the ejaculation trainer. It costs only $49 and comes with a great set of additional ebooks (which are actually sold at above the asking price of the main book) and you get a 60 day money back no questions asked.

If your worried about parting with your money and not liking the the book that will change your life have no fear. Matt Wurzke’s ebook is sold through a third party site, this site does all the money transfers and returns so that Matt wont even see the money till the 61st day and since the third party is already being paid they don’t mind giving you your money back no questions asked ( and Matt wont know so your not going to have your paypal/card resented by Matt since he is none the wiser!).

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